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Dating back to ancient Roman times, Pecorino Romano is one of the world's oldest recorded cheeses. Pecorino is an Italian word meaning from sheep's milk, and Romano indicates that this cheese is of Roman descent. All Pecorino Romano is made in either Lazio, Tuscany, or Sardinia during the months between November and June. These three regions have very similar pastures and breeds of sheep, ensuring consistent flavor and quality. Pecorino Romano is a name protected (DOC) cheese whose production is overseen by the Consorzio per la Tulela del Formaggio Pecorino Romano. There are numerous Pecorinos made throughout Italy, but only one Pecorino Romano. Perhaps the most famous brand for Pecorino Romano in the US is Locatelli. Aged for a minimum of 9 months, this cheese is hard and dense; strong and sharp in flavor. It is pale yellow in color with a black paper rind bearing the name Locatelli. Grate this cheese then serve it over pasta, salads, Garlic Bread and soups.